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Experience healing in Costa Rica from the Caribbean to the Pacific coast with all-Inclusive wellness adventures near the Osa Peninsula, Corcovado National Park. Immerse yourself into culture, nutrition and adventure with ‘The Perfect Storm Healing Adventure’. Soak in volcanic and hot herbal baths in the rainforest. Enjoy anti-oxidant treatments of Papaya & Guanabana leaf, treatments, therapies and cacao ceremonies. 3 nutritional travel adventures emphasize organic food, with ‘forest to fork’ cuisine. Pamper yourself at The Osa Peninsula Mineral Spa and Treehouse in Southern Costa Rica, where the rainforest meets the sea. All inclusive travel packages to Costa Rica include hiking in Corcovado National Park, Drake Bay, snorkeling at Cano Island, visiting Tortuguero on the Caribbean, near Puerto Viejo,  and Chirripo Hot Springs. Join people from all over the world in this cultural healing adventure and immerse yourself into the oldest rainforest on earth found, as described in the 9, 14 and 21 day adventures.

Wellness retreat discount: $100 OFF with early payment in full by Dec 31, 2019.  Couples receive an additional $100 OFF. 

Retreats :

9 Day Perfect Storm Retreat: $ 2,950 per person 
14 Day Carib-Pacific Health Adventure: $ 3,685 per person
21 Day Caribbean to Pacific Cultural Immersion: $ 4,850 per person


  • Jan 9 – 19 Marconics Healing Retreat  (2 spaces left: $ 2,650.00 pp )
  • Feb 14-23 ( 9 day ) 
  • March 13-22 ( 9 day )
  • April 3-19 ( 14 day )
  • April 24 – May 3 ( 21 day )  
  • June 12-28 ( 14 day )
  • July 3-13  ( 9 day )
  • July 17-26 ( 9 day )
  • July 31- Aug 22 ( 21 day)

The downloadable PDFs below contain all the required information: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Terms & Conditions (Ts&Cs).

9 Day Perfect Storm Retreat: $ 2,950 per person 

  • Get to know forest to fork nutrition & cuisine
  • Receive essential health treatments and education
  • Hike through the Corcovado National Park rainforest
  • Snorkel at the Cano Island Biological Reserve
  • Swim near dolphins, turtles and whales (seasonal )
  • Treat yourself to organic food, cacao and orchid farm tours
  • Make your own chocolate
  • Enjoy yoga and massage
  • Visit pristine beaches

Download full description PDF 

14 Day Carib-Pacific Health Adventure: $ 3,685 per person

Includes all the therapies, national parks, biological reserves, education journeys of a 9 day package, plus:

  • Experience rafting on Rio Pacuare
  • Enjoy 3 days on Caribbean coast in Puerto Viejo
  • Visit the sloth sanctuary
  • Indulge in a wide range of alternative medicinal healing treatments
  • Moringa, mimosa, arnica and reishe mushroom                       
  • Enzyme and antioxidant dry dust bathing                                   
  • Vibrational medicine recipe book                                                     
  • Antioxidant travel water kit 
  • Apothecary remedies to go                                          – 

Download full description PDF (coming soon)

21 Day Caribbean to Pacific Cultural Immersion: $ 4,850 per person

Includes all the therapies, national parks & fun tours of a 14-day package, plus:

  • Stay in Corcovado National Park
  • Stay 2 extra nights at www.healingcostarica.com ( host )  
  • 1 extra day on the Caribbean coast
  • 1 night in Dominical, Nauyaca falls
  • 1 night stay at lakeside lodge
  • Visit the Chirripo hot springs
  • Indulge in the Osa Cacao chocolate farm tour
  • Explore volcanoes,  the central market, the gold museum and nightlife

Download full description PDF (coming soon)

Holistic treatments

They are designed to integrally benefit your health, as well as to delight your senses:    

  • Hot salt water beach mineral bathing
  • Forest to fork nutrition
  • Anti-oxidant health protocol
  • Aromatherapy
  • Medicinal, floral and enzyme bath and treatment
  • Sodium calcium bentonite clay immersion and ingestion
  • Swimming in ozoneated springs and rivers
  • Meditation in bamboo grove, forest bathing
  • Ngobe (native american) heritage dance
  • Sleeping in world famous treehouse
  • Massage, Yoga and Cacao herbal ceremonies
  • Permaculture tours and swim near dolphins on Golfo Dulce

Herbal Treatments


Papaya is an effective anti cancer agent against cervix, breast, liver, lung and pancreas cancers. Tea made from the extracts of dried papaya leaves charge the immune system. Papaya’s direct anti tumor property effects on various cancers and aids the immune system to fight cancers. Avoid a common and devastating consequence of many cancer therapy regimens; ingest and soak in hot papaya leaf bath in the rainforest instead. Put health in your own hands.

Guanabana (Soursop)

Soursop is a cure for cancer, killing some types of liver and breast cancer cells that are resistant to particular chemotherapy drugs. It is used to treat infections, remove viruses and parasites, rheumatism and relieve arthritis. Guanabana leaf tea treats depression, and could literally revolutionize what we and the rest of the world think about cancer treatment. It is important to realize that the future has never looked more promising for this vibrational fruit.

Bursera Simaruba Bath

Better known as Gumbo Limbo, or Peeling Indian tree, the bark of this unusual tree stops bleedings, heals wounds, relieves backache, dysentery, yellow fever and increases the flow of urinary tract.  Gumbo Limbo is antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and a wonderful insect repellant too.  It’s also used to treat venereal diseases, dysentery and for aches and muscle fatigue, obesity and used as an expectorant. Gumbo Limbo is an analgesic and blood purifier and treats rheumatism, tumors, cancer (stomach), corns, debility and hernias.  This copper-colored tree produces a resin that natural healers use to treat gout and neutralize toxins. It is the medicine of choice for the poisonous stings, measles, sun stroke and urinary tract infections. Soak in a hot and dry bath prepared with the leaves and charge your libido.

The miracle tree (Moringa oleifera)

A well known medicinal plant with indigenous people, Moringa treats many diseases.  Antibacterial and antifungal, the plant is loaded with iron, anti inflamatory, antioxidant and anti diabetic nutritional compounds. Moringa is an outstanding source nutritional components. Its rich leaves have the calcium equivalent of four times that of milk, the vitamin C content is seven times that of oranges, while its potassium is three times that of bananas, three times the iron of spinach, four times the amount of vitamin A in carrots. The pods and leaves of Moringa contains high amount of Ca, Mg, K, Mn, P, Zn, Na, Cu, and Fe.


Mimosa is used in the treatment of leprosy, dysentery, vaginal and urinary tract and inflammations to remove burning sensation, asthma, leucoderma, fatigue and blood diseases. The root is used to reduce toothache. It is proven to treat dysentery and delivers alchemy of phytochemical and pharmacological charges to the blood, tissue and organs., which is what we consume.